E-Journal Management System

E-Journal Management System

E-Journal Management System (Electronic Journal Management System) is a software tool designed to support the publishing and dissemination of academic journals in a digital format. It automates the entire process of publishing and distributing journals, from submission to publication.

The system includes modules for manuscript submission, peer review, editorial decision-making, and publication. It also includes features for managing subscriptions, handling payments, and providing access to published articles.

It can help to streamline the publishing process, improve the quality of the review process, and provide wider access to research and academic publications. By providing a centralized platform for publishing, it can also help to improve the visibility of academic journals and increase their impact in the scholarly community.

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What We Provide:

Manuscript Submission

The system provides a centralized platform for authors to submit their manuscripts for consideration.

Peer Review

The system automates the peer-review process, including assignment of reviewers, tracking of review status, and recording of reviewer comments.

Editorial Decision Making

The system provides tools for editorial teams to make informed decisions about the publication of manuscripts, including decision tracking and communication with authors.


The system allows for the publication of accepted manuscripts in a digital format, including the ability to format articles and add multimedia elements.

Subscription Management

The system provides tools for managing subscriptions, including handling payments, tracking subscribers, and providing access to published articles.

Metrics and Analytics

The system provides metrics and analytics to help journals track their performance and understand their impact, including download statistics and citation metrics.